Woven clothing labels for the apparel industry give a high-end impression on garments and prominently display your brand, company name, logo, care contents and contact information. They are the final touch and yet, they are the first impression. Our labels have excellent depth of detail, soft to the touch, and desirable to the eye. We believe a work of craftsmanship should reflect skill and excellence. Our woven labels will help you turn your brand identification into a piece of art.
Type of Woven Labels;        Satin;        Broad, Needle, and
                                                                   Shuttle Loom
                                                                   White/Black Ground Satin
                                                                   White/Black Reverse Satin
                                                Taffeta;     Broad, Needle, and
                                                                  Shuttle Loom
                                                                  White/Black Ground Taffeta
                                                                  Up Ground Weaving

Selection;                                                Woven Satin Labels
                                                                  Woven Damask Labels
                                                                  Woven Taffeta Labels
                                                                  Woven Care Labels
                                                                  Woven Ribbon Labels
                                                                  Woven Patches for Apparel