Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd., was established 20 years ago by a young entrepreneur, Mr. Seksan Wongjiratitikarn (Managing Director), with a simple vision to create a textile company that would be able to compete in the global market with global standards and quality. Since then, after a lot of hard work, putting effort and dedication towards every customer's requirements, Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd. had gained a reputation for quality and reliability through out the region. Mr. Seksan quoted that, "It doesn,t matter if we make profit or not, the key success to our company is satisfying our customer's needs in every means possible."

This strength was sought-after by many international trading companies through out the region. Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd., gained new technologies and new techniques in increasing the quality and efficiency of manufacturing to compete competitively in the global market. We've also gained international standards; “ISO9001: 2000”, “ISO 14000:2004”, “OHSAS 18000:1999”, “TLS 8001:2003” and “SA8000” regulations certified by the government.

       Today Wongeak Industry Co., Ltd., has become one of the leading manufacturers of Brand/Product identification solutions and value added accessories in the region with strong customer relationships. We understand that the brand/product values of our customer's are very high and take a lot of effort and time to build. All information received will be strictly kept secret. The products we produce for our customers are licensed and patented legally through international laws. We produce brand/product identification solutions for major wholesale and retail brands through out the world.

               It started with a man's simple vision and now it has become his reality, so let us "Bring Your Vision to Reality"...