Printed labels are one of the most important identification parts of your product. It has to be comfortable whilst attractive, and it has to be durable enough to last the life of your product. It reflects the image of your company and the quality of your product, so we make sure that our identification labels will last as long or maybe even longer then you need.
      We use the pantone matching system (PMS) to print any color you can imagine. We are able to match your logo or other art to create or reinforce the brand identity you have created for your product.     
       We can print on just about any kind of material or substrate, from synthetic fibers such as satins and nylons to natural fabrics such as cottons. We also have the ability to dye tapes to meet your specific color requirements.

                                                 Printed Cotton Canvas Label
                                                 Printed Cotton Label
                                                 Printed Cotton Twill Tape
                                                 Printed Satin Label
                                                 Printed Taffeta Label
                                                 Printed Taffeta Twill Label